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Expository Essay Example: What is The Secret of Egyptian Civilization

Not many students can boast that they love to write an essay. Despite the fact that this is a difficult task for many, writing an essay is quite an interesting task. Depending on the type, an essay not only teaches to express one's thoughts on paper, to persuade, to describe something, to argue one's position, etc. It is also a good opportunity to expand your horizons by writing on some interesting topic.

I work as a writer at 500WordEssay.org, and writing an essay is not only my work — it is my passion. That is why I would like to share with you one expository essay example dedicated to an ancient civilization. I hope you will be interested too.

Expository Essay About Egyptian Civilization

There were so many civilizations in the entire world that has a high level of relevancy to the history of human development and various social as well as cultural differences. Civilization has its huge level of relevance with the cultural aspects and most importantly the living style ideologies and social affairs. The different civilizations have different kind of impact at the society. 

The major civilizations could be segregated into Mayan, Egyptian, Chinese, Greek, Mesopotamian and Roman, Indus civilization. While discussing about the major world civilization the Egyptian civilization could never be neglected. 

In ancient times, it was located near the Nile River and considered as north eastern Africa.  It was actually comes into existence around 3150 BC and stayed into the power until it merged into the Roman dynasty in 30 BC. Libyans, Babylonians, and Nubians were the ones who have affected the Egyptian Dynasty and weaken down its strong historical structure. The main identity of Egyptian civilization is the Giza Pyramids, which were constructed during the old kingdom. It is very interesting to understand that Egyptian civilization was highly based on agriculture, but still they made pyramids that are matter argument or indicates towards their scientific knowledge at that point of time. 

During the Egyptian civilization, the Pharaon was the one who handles the ministerial affairs and definitely have the power to manage the resources. The legal aspect of Egyptian civilization is based upon the no particular legal system as the justice was measured only on the concept what is right and what is wrong. Thus, the Egyptian civilization has a strong influence on historical aspects and handles bringing the cultural concreteness in the entire world.

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