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Berlin Humbolt University Centre for Anthropological Research on Museums and Heritage

In Berlin this week, today 30 Oct 2019, I went to a presentation at Centre for Anthropological Research on Museums and Heritage [ https://www.euroethno.hu-berlin.de/de/carmah ].

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Seeking to form or join a panel on new directions in CBPR

Hello. I am interested in either forming or joining a panel focused on new directions/best practices in community based participatory research. If anyone has any information or interest, please let me know.



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Seeking Abstracts for SfAA 2020 Session: Interdisciplinary Urban Research

Interdisciplinary urban research: Reflections on folding in anthropological perspectives and knowledge into urban agendas 

Interdisciplinary research and collaboration is an emerging trend within the field of applied anthropology. Researchers in this group often position themselves between the voices of marginalized communities and the grant agencies and academic research groups that…


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New SfAA Domain and Website

We are very pleased to announce the Society for Applied Anthropology's new website at our new domain -- AppliedAnthro.Org!

The new site is designed to have a much cleaner look with easier navigation. There are “bread crumbs” at the top of each page, and a site map at the bottom of each page, so you should be able to find things much easier. Overall, the new website is more streamlined, and we…

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Expository Essay Example: What is The Secret of Egyptian Civilization

Not many students can boast that they love to write an essay. Despite the fact that this is a difficult task for many, writing an essay is quite an interesting task. Depending on the type, an essay not only teaches to express one's thoughts on paper, to persuade, to describe something, to argue one's position, etc. It is also a good opportunity to expand your horizons by writing on some interesting topic.

I work as a…


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Institute for Critical Heritage & Tourism Publications 2018

Institute for Critical Heritage & Tourism Publications 2018

Marina La Salle and Richard M. Hutchings

2018 Is Canadian Heritage Studies Critical? Journal of Canadian Studies 52: 342–60. https://doi.org/10.3138/jcs.2017-0088…


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What To Do With Anthropology Degree

Anthropology has seen a drastic change within the last few years. According to statistics, the demand for anthropologists right across the global workforce will increase by 38% by 2026. Anthropologists used to be confined to an academic future with no promise of expanding their horizons into anything but anthropology. Today, we see an entirely new universe opening up with even wider opportunities…


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Symbiotic School of Socio-Cultural Change

I strongly believe existing approaches to Socio-cultural change are obsolete. 

Two of my papers attempt to lay the foundations of Symbiotic approaches to socio-cultural change




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Consortium of Practicing and Applied Anthropology Programs (COPAA) practitioner survey

Dear Friends,

The Consortium of Practicing and Applied Anthropology Programs (COPAA) is a nationwide consortium of university departments and programs that provide education in practicing and applied anthropology. Our mission is to collectively advance the education and training of students, faculty, and practitioners in applied anthropology.

In an effort to expand our focus beyond applied academic programs, we are surveying practitioners like yourself to understand how we can meet…


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Understanding Race After Charlottesville

Recently, SfAA President Alexander (Sandy) Ervin posted a strong Statement on Violence in Charlottesville, Virginia on the home page of the SfAA web site:


Following that initial statement, the SfAA Office has worked with the American Anthropological Association, the American Historical Association, and the American Sociological Association to continue the conversation about:…


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Statement on Violence in Charlottesville, Virginia

The Society for Applied Anthropology strongly condemns the violence generated by racist hate groups in Charlottesville, VA. The values of SfAA include dignity, integrity, and worth of all peoples. We reaffirm our ongoing commitment to value human diversity in all its myriad forms, and we endorse the strong statement below issued…


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Harvard Online Course on Predicting the Future

Can we predict the future? HarvardX is offering a free online course, PredictionX: Diviner’s Guide, which examines the myriad ways humans have sought to know their fate. Join practitioners and Harvard University faculty for this one-week, immersive learning experience to explore “pre-scientific” prediction systems ranging from ancient Chinese bone burning to the Oracle of Delphi to modern…


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Role of Sericulturists in the Development of a Village: An Anthropological Case from Post-Green Revolution South India

Sericulture has become one of the important means of livelihood for the majority of the farmers in South India, especially in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Karnataka, known as the ‘Silk Bowl of India’, occupies the top spot in producing mulberry silk in the country. Andhra Pradesh comes second in mulberry silk production in the country. Both these states have fiercely competed in mulberry silk production, which is a good sign for the sericulturists of these states. It is argued here that the…


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Lift Irrigation Schemes in Andhra Pradesh: Technology as a Boon or a Bane?

Despite efforts by the Indian state to develop and maintain various irrigation strategies, many projects have not achieved the desired results, often due to systemic problems inherent in these initiatives. Meanwhile, the growing scarcity of water in South Asia propels new thinking about remedies. Based on detailed fieldwork, this article, which seems at first completely unrelated to matters of caste discrimination, assesses the sustainability of lift irrigation schemes (LIS) in Andhra…


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Marginal Communities in Drought-prone Regions: The Role of NGOs in Watershed Development in South India

In the last few years a participatory watershed program is being implemented in the state of Andhra Pradesh. At present, the Andhra Pradesh Rural Livelihoods Project (APRLP) seeks to scale up the ongoing watershed program activities in the state by providing support in the areas of capacity building, livelihood support, and the provision of other schemes and services to the persons and organizations involved. This article is the outcome of the writer’s field work in Andhra Pradesh. Using a…


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Emergence of Subjectivity Formations: Social- Anthropological Discourses from India

The Independence movement- as well as its subsequent debates- is one of the most documented events in India, in which the questions of identity and subjectivity of the country and its people were the pillar of the movement. Those questions are still relevant in contemporary India as the introduction of neo-liberal policies in the 1990s have changed the position of India globally and has altered the working and living conditions…


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Globalization and People at the Margins:Experiences from the Global South

This JDS special issue on ‘Globalization and People at the Margins’ provides an interdisciplinary examination of the effects of globalization on the dispossessed, the marginal, and the excluded sectors of the population. In general, the articles in this issue reveal that the market-oriented development strategies associated with globalization have adversely affected the livelihoods of India’s marginalized people. The issue also reveals how certain civil society organizations in India have…


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Current issue of Deja Lu available now.

The current issue of Deja Lu, published by the World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA), is now available. Please go to:…


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Statement from SfAA President, Kathleen Musante

On November 19, 2016 on the heels of the election of an administration that promised an extraordinarily divisive approach to a number of issue of concern to us: among them, migration, race, gender, health, climate change, environmental protection, respect for science, and poverty, the Board of the Society for Applied Anthropology published the SfAA Statement on Diversity and Respect, which can be found at the bottom of this posting.   

Following on this statement we had…


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