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International Journal of Business Anthropology - Special Issue Call for Papers
Business Anthropology in Tourism and Hospitality Research and Practices

Guest editors:
Dr. Mark Meng, Indiana University Kokomo
Dr. Yang Jiao, Miami University
Dr. Yunzi Zhang, Northern Marianas College

The International Journal of Business Anthropology (IJBA) is a double-blinded peer-reviewed journal focusing upon business anthropology. Business anthropology is a fast-growing subfield of applied anthropology that provides insights on problems in various business contexts. Compared with traditional business fields, the unique contribution of business anthropology lies in its core method of ethnography that applies holistic and comparative perspectives. Traditionally, business anthropology has focused more on issues facing entrepreneurs, organizations, marketers, and consumers in the Western business contexts. In recent years, business anthropologists have expanded their interests to examine issues in non-Western societies as well.

Special Issue Aims

Anthropologists’ interest in tourism started to grow in the 1970s and 1980s, following several publications on the issue of host-guest relationship (Wallace 2005). Traditionally, tourism has been considered a negative phenomenon by anthropologists that are mostly concerned with “cultural sensitivity, respect, and diligence” (Wallace 2005, 6). On the other hand, tourism and hospitality research, which remains an independent field, has long framed tourism and hospitality as an industry that is predictable and manageable. By the same token, examining the tourism and hospitality from business operational perspectives has become a responsibility for many mainstream scholarly publications.

Against this background, the goal of this special issue is to stimulate discussion on how anthropological theories and methodologies may be integrated in the narration of tourism and hospitality research and practices. The aim of this special issue is to explore and investigate anthropological, sociological, political and cultural realities in the field of tourism and hospitality.

The special issue plans to bring out topics, themes, concepts and challenges that prevail in tourism and hospitality. Broad research interests include, but are not limited to:

Destination governance
Workforce diversity / inclusivity
Gender roles and equality in hospitality
Experience design
Host-guest relationship
Cultural heritage
Tourism impacts on community
Tourism and lifestyle

The special issue welcomes papers with qualitative methods or mixed methods approach, such as field work, ethnography and interpersonal interview. Emerging methods are also encouraged, including digital ethnography or data collection and analysis with social media content.

Submission Timeline:

Extended abstract submission: April 1, 2019 [The extended abstract (800 - 1000 words) should include a brief introduction of the topic, short literature review and method, and expected result.]
Notification of shortlisted papers: April 15, 2019
Final manuscripts due to guest editors: October 1, 2019
Expected publication date: December 2019 [IJBA Volume 9 Issue 2]

Submission Guideline

The length of the final manuscript should be about 4,000 - 12,000 words, including text, notes, references and appendices. All papers will be fully peer reviewed. All manuscripts should include a brief abstract (150 words maximum) and follow the Chicago Manual of Style, available at http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/home.html. Please also note the following:

1. Files should be supplied in Word format. In the case of photographs/figures/tables that need to be inserted in the text, please include these in a separate file, ensuing that images are labelled with captions that are consistently positioned and formatted. All in-text material must be included in the main files of the manuscript.
2. All authors of the paper should be clearly listed, with affiliations in the order in which they should be published.
3. Use double quotation marks for all cases (including single words) except for quotes within quotes.
4. Authors are asked to read the Copyright and Permissions Guidance on the Cambridge Scholars Publishing website at http://www.cambridgescholars.com/t/AuthorFormsGuidelines to ensure that all materials from another source are correctly referenced, and permission to republish sought where necessary.

Wallace, Tim. 2008. “Tourism, Tourists, and Anthropologists at Work.” NAPA Bulletin 23, no. 1: 1–26.

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