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A non-anthropologist colleague recently contended that "culture hacking" is "applied anthropology."  She referred me to uses of the term that indicate that it derives from those engaged in software development and information technology some of whom have taken the stance that basically sounds like changing a culture is similar to writing a computer program to do something new and different for a client.  Although I am proud and eager to say that I engage in "culture change" (or "social change" or "organizational change") efforts as part of my consulting practice I expressed concern over the analogy for various reasons and suggested that "hacking" has all sorts of negative connotations.  She replied back that she had just searched the "American anthro" site (not further specified), found lots of references and "positive applications."  She also wrote me that it is a "youth term."

Maybe I'm an old fogey who is "out of it" and I no longer belong to the American Anthropological Association.  Have others on the SfAA list heard of this term?  What do you think of it?  I'd like to hear your opinions and where I can find out more.  Am I missing something important?  Thanks for your insights. Steve Maack

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